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Moringa Leaf Powder From Bali 120gr

Moringa Pulver aus Bali, naturbelassen und traditionell in Rohkostqualität.

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Produktinformationen “Moringa Leaf Powder From Bali 120gr”

The Moringa tree is referred to as ‘The tree of life’ across India for its natural ability to enhance and repair the human body. Categorised as a ‘super-leaf ’in the western world, Moringa leaf is high in Iron, fibre, Vitamin A, Vitamin K and Antioxidants.

Moringa leaf contains all 9 essential amino acids and is a powerful source of natural protein. Our organic powder helps to build immunity, boosts the immune system, and supports the body in repairing itself. It can be easily added to meals and smoothies to increase nutrition.

Our Moringa is hand-picked, washed, and dried using a gentle shade-drying technique in Bali. Through this process we ensure that the nutrients and raw food qualities of the leaf are preserved.

When used in conjunction with Ayurveda Hair Active Tonic, Moringa leaf can be used to care for grey hair and promote longevity in the hair and scalp. This natural product is free from pesticides, herbicides, and heavy metals.

Content per container: 120g of Moringa leaf powder

Traditional and natural Moringa leaf powder from Bali, the island of the gods
Ingredients: Moringa leaf powder (moringa oleifera).
Origin: Bali.
Stir approx. 1-2 teaspoon (3-6g) as herbal powder in water, fruit juice, tea, soup, smoothies, etc. or use as a spice.

Store the product in a cool and dry place.

Nutritional values   

Per 100g  


1470 kJ / 354 kcal


3.5 g

– hereof: saturated fatty acids

1.4 g


48 g

– of which sugars

4.5 g


21 g


21 g


0.5 g

bottled and packaged in Switzerland

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  • No hormones
  • No nanoparticles
  • Made in Switzerland
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