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Hair care also for baldness, crown of hair – we recommend, in addition to the care products, our Capillary Gymnastic device

Encourage hair growth to bald heads with high-quality hair and scalp care Baldness by YELASAI is designed to encourage hair growth to recently bare heads as well as scalps that have been bald for long periods of time. Our high-quality…

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Hair care also for baldness, crown of hair – we recommend, in addition to the care products, our Capillary Gymnastic device

If hair is lost over a large area and no longer grows back, the scalp requires special care. There is a variety of causes that can lead to hair loss such as Stress, psychological problems, diseases, wrong nutrition and many more.


CORIALITH – Alkaline Bath
Take your time and treat yourself to relaxation with the Corialith alkaline bath. The skin is the largest organ of the human body, it absorbs substances and releases other substances.  A regular alkaline bath supports the normal elimination processes of the skin.  We recommend Corialith 1-2 times a week as a full body bath or as 3-4 times a week foot baths of at least 45 minutes.

CORIALITH – Mineral Bases Drink
Corialith Mineral Alkaline Drink the minerals are alkaline. The minerals contribute to normal skin, hair and nails.

Ayurveda Hair & Scalp Active Oil
We especially recommend to regularly massage our Ayurveda Hair & Scalp Active Oil on the scalp. The nourishing oil supports the cleansing of the scalp and returns natural care substances to the skin. The nourishing properties also have an optimal effect on hair and hair ends.

Ayurveda Hair Active Tonic
The Ayurveda Hair Active Tonic can help to activate hair roots and hair cells, thus promote natural hair growth to develop full, strong hair. Gently massage the tonic into the scalp.

Ayurveda Scalp Active Peeling
To clean your scalp of residues such as sebum, excess oil and silicones from other shampoos, use the Ayurveda Scalp Active Peeling. Massage the paste gently into the scalp. The crystals contained in the paste create a peeling effect.  After rinsing with shampoo, you will have a perfectly cleansed and supple scalp.

Ayurveda Hair Active Shampoo
For a mild hair wash that gently cleanses your hair and scalp, we have developed the Ayurveda Hair Active Shampoo. Its natural ingredients work gently and wash out residues of other shampoos and oils, so that your scalp is  optimally cleansed and can breathe more freely.

Ayurveda Hair Active Spray
The Ayurveda Hair Active Spray provides more moisture and can thus stimulate the hair roots and scalp to grow more hair. The care substances of the Ayurveda Hair Active Tonic can develop even better through regular spraying.

Ayurveda Hair Active Tonic
With Ayurveda Hair Active Tonic you support weak hair and promote natural hair growth.  Apply the tonic to the scalp and massage it in lightly for optimal effect.

Quality YELASAI products

What you can expect from YELASAI products

  • Natural ingredients supplemented with natural fermented herbs.
  • No synthetic fragrances, colors, flavors and preservatives
  • No petroleum products such as kerosene and mineral oil, parabens, silicones and PEGs
  • No hormones
  • No nanoparticles
  • Made in Switzerland
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