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Hair care after sunbathing – short hair

Natural haircare products to counteract the effects of UV exposure on the hair and scalp Exposure to natural or artificial UV light can have damaging effects on the hair and scalp. This collection is designed to counteract the…

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Hair care after sunbathing, short hair

Strong sun exposure promotes drying of the hair and makes them straw and brittle. To counteract this effect, we have put together a care set for you.


Ayurveda Hair Active Shampoo
With our Ayurveda Hair Active Shampoo you succeed in a thorough and gentle washing of hair and scalp. The nourishing herbal essences nourish hair dried out by sun exposure and promote the normal regenerative function of the skin.

Natural Leave In & Repair
Our Leave In & Repair can further help build up your hair after sunbathing. The nourishing amino acids, vitamins and proteins gently distribute around your hair when applied. Our formulation of this hair care supports the hair building properties. Further we protect your hair from UV light as well as air pollution and free the hair from free radicals.
To protect the hair already before sunbathing it is recommended to apply the Leave In & Repair already before sunbathing into the hair.

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