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Relaxation Music For Relaxed Hair Growth – Collection Of 3 Audio Files / MP3 Download

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Product information “Relaxation Music For Relaxed Hair Growth – Collection Of 3 Audio Files / MP3 Download”


YELASAI SILENT – relaxed hair growth – package With YELASAI Hair Relaxed Hair Growth subliminal relaxation and inner peace. Hair loss is often associated with a lot of stress and anxiety. We all know that a stressed organism cannot regenerate as quickly as a body that is calm, relaxed and trusting.

With the YELASAI Hair Relaxed Hair Growth subliminal, the focus was placed on three areas: Partly on the solution of blockages, partly on the target solution and partly on mental alignment and strengthening. The release of inner resistance and blockages caused by destructive thought patterns that stand in our way and that constantly turn like a negative spiral in our heads to prevent and sabotage our desired success in hair growth are specifically addressed with these subliminals. Gianni Coria’s many years of experience in dealing with and finding solutions to clients who were concerned about their hair loss served as the inspiration for these three works. The blockages are tackled on a physical, emotional and mental level in a targeted manner in order to realign us as a unit towards our goal of a vital scalp and strong hair growth. All three versions last 10 minutes and are structured as follows: The first version was created with inaudible positive messages without frequencies and only accompanied by nature sounds.

This version is also great for playing overnight. The second version is loaded with positive messages and alpha frequencies to promote our inner calm and serenity. The third version is equipped with positive messages and the so-called “Golden Frequency” and is used specifically to align and focus our body on our goal of hair growth. We recommend listening to these 3 versions 2-5 times a day over several weeks and months. With this we want to strengthen the inner attitude and alignment of the vital scalp and strong hair growth. We recommend 1 glass of water (alkaline water) before listening. The spoken texts were created in collaboration with Marvel Alberg and Gianni Coria. Consciously inaudible yet unconsciously fully audible and understandable. Our complete work in this work serves your inner positive intention. Strengthen and support your scalp and hair growth with inner peace and serenity. This comprehensively supports and rounds off your active scalp and hair care. Important: Success lies in repetition. Listen to the session at least 2 times a day, more is always possible. Always drink a glass of still water (alkaline water) before listening. In general, make sure you drink enough water.

You can also listen to the session while you sleep at night. At night we recommend playing the versions without frequencies. Pay attention to a comfortable volume! Adjust the playback device to 10 to 15 percent of the total possible volume. For the inaudible versions, first adjust the volume with an audible version to find the right volume, only then play the inaudible version. By listening repeatedly over weeks and months, new inner thought patterns can develop. What does messages mean? A message is also called an affirmation or a statement of belief. These are self-affirming phrases, lyrics of positive inspiration that you can listen to over and over again. An example: Well-growing, strong, thick, full and shiny hair and magnificent hair growth – this is my birthright. All texts are written in the first person. Can I sponsor the inclusion of Subliminals? Mental support is known in sports in order to clearly focus on the goal. Just like an athlete, you too can focus your mindset on your goal. In this way, the absorption of subliminals can be increased again. As an example: Think, visualize or look at a picture of your desired hair situation (e.g. from your youth or a picture you found on the Internet) From practice we know that visualizing e.g. looking at the desired hair when listening is beneficial for the process because the subconscious prefers to work with images and the goal is clearer than just words.


Why can’t I hear anything? Important: The silent messages are transported above 15000 Hertz, which your conscious hearing cannot perceive. Only your subconscious hears it loud and clear. What are alpha waves? With the invention of biofeedback technology in the 1960s, alpha waves received increased attention in brain research. Alpha waves are electromagnetic waves generated in our human brainwill. These frequencies are measured between 8-13.9 hertz and lead to a relaxed state of consciousness, which increases our concentration and at the same time promotes relaxation. Alpha waves can be measured in the brain using an electroencephalogram (EEG) by attaching special sensors to the scalp.


Basically, we are surrounded by alpha waves on a daily basis. Researchers like Dr. Herbert Benson of Harvard Medical School found that working with alpha waves in a targeted manner can help us reduce psychological pressure while promoting our physical and mental activity. The following effects have been observed so far: Heartbeat calms down and slows down Blood pressure drops Sweating less Digestive system is strengthened Muscles relax Improved blood and oxygen supply to the brain Reduction of depressive moods and inner stress Emotional stability Increased creativity and finding solutions Improved physical and mental regeneration What are Golden Frequency waves? The Golden Frequency is a higher vibrating frequency. Observations have shown that these vibrations promote strength, willpower and stamina, but also aesthetics. How do I find the right volume? The recommendation is quiet, maximum room volume. Loudspeakers or headphones? Our recommendation is to listen through loudspeaker boxes. 10 to 15 percent of the total volume of the playback device is sufficient. Loudspeaker boxes should work in the range of up to 20,000 Hertz (20kHz). When using headphones, reduce the volume by another 10%. How long does a session last? A session lasts 10 minutes. Listening to the 3 versions takes 30 minutes.

Overnight we recommend the version without frequencies. Who shouldn’t listen to Subliminals? We do not recommend Subliminals to children, young people under the age of 18, pregnant women, people with pacemakers, people under the influence of alcohol, medication or drugs, as well as people with epilepsy or a nervous disorder. Which side effects can occasionally occur? In rare cases, it can lead to tinnitus, sudden hearing loss, headaches, heart palpitations, nausea or circulatory problems. This can be counteracted by reducing the volume below 10%. If you have trouble sleeping or are tired, you should not listen to the Subliminals at night. what about pets Pets such as dogs, cats and birds have very sensitive hearing. Therefore, play YELASAI Hair Active Hair Growth in a separate room. Can I also create an audio CD from the session? Yes, you can burn an audio CD.


How do I use the session? Repeat, repeat, repeat…. You can play the subliminals with any player. You can listen to the session through headphones or speakers. All playback devices are suitable for smartphones, MP3 players, tablets and laptops etc. You can play the sessions during the day or at night and in all life situations such as dancing, jumping, watching TV, cleaning the apartment, relaxing etc. Do not listen while driving or when doing heavy work. Is this the same as hypnosis? No, this is not hypnosis. Instructions for use The following applies to all files: take care of your body. Choose a comfortable volume. Note that every person is different. If you experience a headache or feel unwell, end the session and try again later. Always drink a glass of still water (alkaline water) before listening. Legal: The presented subliminals in MP3 files do not promise a cure for diseases or other ailments.

The use of the Subliminals MP3 files does not replace any cosmetic, medical or psychological treatments. If you have physical disabilities and are unsure whether you are allowed to listen to the subliminals, contact your doctor if in doubt. Despite careful research, we cannot guarantee, either tacitly or explicitly, that the information provided is ultimately correct, up-to-date, of high quality or complete.

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