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Relaxation Music – Hair Growth With Theta Rife / MP3 Download

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Product information “Relaxation Music – Hair Growth With Theta Rife / MP3 Download”

Inaudible Subliminials version with Theta and Rife frequencies Relax and enjoy. Hair loss is often associated with a lot of stress and we all know that a stressed organism cannot regenerate as quickly as a body that is calm, relaxed and trusting. With the help of our audio recordings, which were specially recorded by Gianni Coria, the goal of natural vital hair growth should also be clearly supported on a mental level. Consciously inaudible, unconsciously audible and yet clearly understandable. Silent subliminals are spoken positive messages that are not consciously audible. Your subconscious hears the positive and calm spoken affirmations clearly and distinctly. Your positive intentions and hair growth should also be better supported through more inner serenity. Gianni Coria’s many years of experience with clients suffering from hair loss, worries and fears served as inspiration when formulating the positive messages to your subconscious. Now support your hair growth with inner mental composure and strength, so that your scalp and hair can regain their balance even better and faster. So you can support the active scalp and hair care even more energetically. Important to note: success lies in repetition. Listen to the session at least twice a day, more is always possible. Always drink a glass of still water (alkaline water) before listening. You can also listen to the session while you sleep at night. At night we recommend playing the versions without frequencies. Pay attention to a comfortable volume! Set the playback device to 10 to 15 percent of the total possible volume. For the inaudible versions, first adjust the volume with an audible version to find the right volume, only then play the inaudible version. Only through regular repetition is a process put into effect and new thought patterns can set in. This audio file was created in collaboration with Michael, the owner of For this purpose, special software was used in connection with a new, efficient 5-layer technology. The works move in the following frequency ranges: 15000 – 16000 Hertz, 16000 – 17000 Hertz, 17000 – 18000 Hertz, 18000 – 19000 Hertz, 19000 – 20000 Hertz. What does messages mean? A message is also called an affirmation or a statement of belief. These are self-affirming phrases, lyrics of positive inspiration that you can listen to over and over again. An example: Well-growing, strong, thick, full and shiny hair and magnificent hair growth – this is my birthright. All texts are written in the first person. Why can’t I hear anything? Important: The silent message is transported with modern and special software in several frequency ranges above 15000 Hertz, which your conscious ear cannot perceive. Only your subconscious hears it clearly. Theta Waves Stimulating with theta waves creates a meditative state that helps many to relax, calm down, fall asleep, or simply indulge in daydreams. Theta waves help our creativity, promote intuition and can thus support us to better focus on goals. Experience shows that relaxed listening to theta waves can reduce fears, worries and stress more easily and create more space for a positive attitude towards life. Listening to Theta Waves repeatedly can ensure that you generally react calmer and more consciously to any stressful moment in the long term. If stress is reduced more quickly, the organism can recover and regenerate better. What are Rife Frequencies? Royal Raymond Rife – was an American scientist and is considered the pioneering inventor of frequency therapy. Through his countless investigations, Rife was of the opinion that each specific physical ailment has its own electrical signature, which can also be changed again. Its specific frequency observations are used today in numerous therapy applications. How do I find the right volume for my Silent Subliminal? Play any music of your choice and adjust the volume so that you can have a perfectly comfortable conversation with one other person. After this volume setting you can play the subliminal version. The recommendation is always room volume, this is the ideal setting. Loudspeakers or headphones? Our recommendation is clearly listening through loudspeakers. At this point again: 10 to 15 percent of the total volume of the playback device is sufficient come out. Loudspeakers should work in the range of up to 20,000 Hertz (20kHz). If you want to listen through headphones, then reduce the volume by another 10%. How long does a session last? A session lasts 30 minutes. You can loop the file for 9 hours during the day or even overnight. Overnight we recommend the version without frequencies. Can I listen to multiple sessions at the same time? Yes, you can listen to multiple sessions at the same time. However, we do not recommend this. Listen to one session at a time. Who shouldn’t use Silent Subliminals? We advise against subliminals for children and young people under the age of 18, pregnant women, people with pacemakers, people under the influence of alcohol, medication or drugs, as well as people with epilepsy or a nervous disorder. Which side effects can occasionally occur? Tinnitus can occur in isolated cases, and sudden hearing loss in the rarest of cases. Headaches, tachycardia, nausea or circulatory problems may occur. Remedy: Reduce the volume below 10% If you have trouble sleeping or are tired, you should not listen to Subliminals at night. what about pets Dogs, cats and birds have very sensitive hearing. We recommend playing in a separate room. Can I also create an audio CD from the session? Yes, you can burn an audio CD. How do I use the session? Success lies in repetition, repetition, repetition… Whether with or without headphones, whether on a smartphone, MP3 player, tablet or PC, whether during the day or at night, no matter what you are doing (dancing, jumping, cleaning, studying, watching TV, lounging, sleeping), listen to the file as often as possible. Is this the same as hypnosis? no Instructions for use The following applies to all files: pay attention to your body. Choose a comfortable volume and playing time. Every person is different. If you experience headaches or discomfort, stop recording and try again later. Always drink a glass of still water (alkaline water) before listening. Disclaimer: The featured Silent Subliminals MP3 files do not promise a cure for any disease or ailment. The use of the Silent Subliminals MP3 files does not replace any cosmetic, medical or psychological treatments. Serious medical conditions should always be treated by a qualified physician. In case of doubt, a doctor should be consulted before using the provided Silent Subliminal MP3 files. It is recommended to study the risks and side effects of the offered products before using them. Despite careful research, the provider assumes no guarantee, neither tacit nor explicit, for the ultimate correctness, topicality, quality or completeness of the information provided.

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