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Hair care set for severe psoriasis – short hair

Haarpflegeset bei starker Schuppenflechte kurze Haare
Die Schuppenflechte gehört zum Themenkreis der Autoimmunerkrankungen und kann alle Hautstellen des Körpers betreffen. Die Symptome wie trockene, stark schuppende…

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Product information “Hair care set for severe psoriasis – short hair”
Hair care set for severe psoriasis short hair

Psoriasis belongs to the group of autoimmune diseases and can affect all skin areas of the body. Symptoms such as dry, severely scaly and sometimes itchy skin areas can be alleviated with special care. If the scalp is severely affected, excessive dandruff formation can lead to increased hair loss. This is particularly uncomfortable with short hair because very thin or even bald patches can form and the problem becomes visible. It is therefore important to care for the scalp with moisture and oils in the long term in order to counteract dandruff formation and prevent hair loss.


Ayurvedic Hair Active Shampoo
To counteract additional drying out of the scalp with the result of severe dandruff formation, reduce your washing rhythm and use our Ayurveda Hair Active Shampoo. The mild shampoo gently cleanses the hair and scalp without irritating and efficiently removes dandruff. The natural ingredients and herbs have a calming effect on the scalp and can provide a supportive effect in relieving itching.

Ayurvedic Hair & Scalp Active Oil
Especially with severe psoriasis, it is important to prepare the scalp for the morning hair wash and to loosen the dandruff beforehand so that the scalp and hair can be thoroughly cleaned during the subsequent hair wash. Apply our Ayurveda Hair & Scalp Active Oil to the scalp in the evening before washing your hair and massage in the nourishing oil. You can protect bed and nightwear from dirt by putting on our special hood. The next morning, use our Ayurveda Hair Active Shampoo to thoroughly wash the loosened scales out of your hair and scalp. To do this, leave the shampoo on for 2 minutes.

Ayurvedic Hair Active Spray
Spray our Ayurveda Hair Active Spray onto the scalp twice a day to provide targeted moisture and minerals. You will immediately feel the pleasant effect.

CORIALITH – mineral base drink
With our CORIALITH – mineral base drink you can take a basic drink to support the entire metabolism. The minerals it contains help to promote the normal activity of skin, hair and nails.

CORIALITH – alkaline bath
Severe psoriasis can affect the skin all over the body, resulting in generalized hair loss. In order to cleanse the skin alkaline, we recommend nourishing alkaline baths. Our Corialith alkaline bath cleans and cares for your skin. The nutrients support the skin in its natural function and can thus contribute to stimulating hair growth.

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