Scalp care set also for acne or impurities- long hair

Scalp care set also for acne or impurities- long hair

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Scalp care set for acne or impurities, long hair.   In many cases, often in... more
Product information "Scalp care set also for acne or impurities- long hair"

Scalp care set for acne or impurities, long hair. 

 In many cases, often in adolescents in puberty is the hormonal change that leads to increased fat and sebum production. This can usually also affect the scalp and makes your hair quickly appear greasy and stringy, which can additionally unsettle the young people. With our care products, scalp and hair can be optimally cared for and the positive appearance can additionally strengthen the self-esteem of young people.  


Ayurveda Hair Active Shampoo

To clean hair and scalp thoroughly use our Ayurveda Hair Active Shampoo. Due to the natural essences, the shampoo cleanses your scalp sustainably without irritating it, which can trigger a soothing effect on the production of fat and sebum.  

Give the shampoo time to effectively dissolve the dirt, for this purpose, it is best to leave the Ayurveda Hair Active Shampoo on for 2 minutes at a time.

Ayurveda Hair Active Conditioner

To care for long hair with natural nutrients such as radish oil and without silicones, we recommend our Ayurveda Hair Active Conditioner. The easier combing makes styling and hair brushing more fun. 

Therefore, you should massage our conditioner into damp hair after washing and rinse it out immediately for fine hair. For thicker hair, you can also leave the nourishing conditioner on for a few minutes to give your hair its natural shine.


 Ayurveda Hair & Scalp Active Oil

For sensitive scalp issues, the scalp should be cared for more than usual. Therefore, use the Hair & Scalp Oil twice a week to promote the suppleness and vitality of the scalp. In addition, the use of our oil blend, the natural shine of your hair is further promoted. Apply the nourishing scalp oil to the scalp and sensitive areas and allow the oil's natural properties to take effect over 2-3 hours or overnight. After the exposure time, wash out the Hair & Scalp Oil with our Ayurveda Hair Active Shampoo. Especially with long hair, receding hairline can be disturbing in appearance. In order to contain this and to give the hair the opportunity to grow again, we have we have put together a few products that can promote your hair growth.


Ayurveda Hair Active Tonic

 The Ayurveda Hair Active Tonic offers a lasting contribution to natural hair growth.

hair growth. Your hair is supplied with important nutrients, the hair roots are strengthened and your

strengthened and your hair growth can be promoted.

 Ayurveda Hair Active Spray

 With the Ayurveda Hair Active Spray you do not only provide your scalp with additional

moisture. The minerals contained nourish hair and scalp to promote hair growth.

hair growth. Spray it on at least twice a day and leave it to soak in.then leave it to work in.

 Ayurveda Hair Active Shampoo

 To take good care of your hair and gently cleanse it, apply the Ayurveda Hair Active

Shampoo. Often the scalp and hair are severely stressed by overly aggressive shampoos.

This can lead to dry or too oily scalp as well as hair loss. With

Ayurveda Hair Active Shampoo you clean the scalp and hair thoroughly and gently, that you can even use it on children.

 Ayurveda Hair Active Conditioner

 Long hair needs more care than short hair. Therefore, after washing, you should use the

Ayurveda Hair Active Conditioner into the hair after washing. It promotes combability without

silicones and gives the hair back its natural shine.

 Ayurveda Hair & Scalp Active Oil

For special care of the scalp use the Ayurveda Hair & Scalp Active

Oil. It keeps the scalp supple and the nourishing ingredients can promote natural hair growth.

natural hair growth can be favored. Apply it on the scalp and leave it on for

and leave it on for 3-4 hours or overnight. In the morning you wash it then with

Ayurveda Hair Active Shampoo.

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